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Datsmarts LLC is a Cleveland Ohio based database and web development company specializing in applications for non-profit and for-profit orgs.
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Call us at: 216-432-9075 or Fax us at: 216-432-9488
SQL Server database, Microsoft training, web development, applications

Datsmarts Projects

Datsmarts has helped a wide array of businesses meet their specific needs...from non-profit organizations who serve the needs of their local communities, to companies whose commerce is based in the global market.

Project include database development, web design and development, documentation, project management and organization wide training roll-outs. Some recent projects include:

  • Database driven billing and invoicing applications
  • Data consolidation via the interfacing of multiple databases within an organization
  • Inventory management
  • Process tracking applications
  • Volunteer and Resource Tracking databases


SQL Server database, Microsoft training, web development, applications

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