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Datsmarts LLC is a Cleveland Ohio based database and web development company specializing in applications for non-profit and for-profit orgs.
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Call us at: 216-432-9075 or Fax us at: 216-432-9488
SQL Server database, Microsoft training, web development, applications

Application Development

Datsmarts can help you develop applications that will streamline your business and improve productivity. Whether you need to...

  • Develop stand-alone applications in a VB or VBA environment
  • Provide Microsoft® front end applications for Access®, SQL® Server & legacy databases
  • Integrate your database and Web presence
  • Office automation through Microsoft® Software Interfacing
  • Customized Forms and Report Generation
  • Develop customized applications for specific tasks

...or take advantage of our existing applications such as...

DatSimple Transportation Tracker
Transportation billing application that allows for route tracking, invoice generation and reporting features. Take back control of your transportation costs. Click here for more details on Transportation Tracker features or Email us for installation options and pricing.

DatSimple IEP Forms
Create and track Individual Education Plans for Special Needs Students according to state regulations. Email us for more information.


InFlowDoc - Customized  documentation for your organizational process.
A user-friendly, logical help system that really lets you see where you're going. Get more info here...

DatsOurs Lending Library
Track inventory and invoices for any lending library. Email us for more information.

DatTracker for Phones
Track and manage monthly telephone invoices throughout your organization. Email us for more information.

SQL Server database, Microsoft training, web development, applications

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