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Datsmarts LLC is a Cleveland Ohio based database and web development company specializing in applications for non-profit and for-profit orgs.
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Call us at: 216-432-9075 or Fax us at: 216-432-9488
SQL Server database, Microsoft training, web development, applications

Datsmarts is a Cleveland, Ohio based company specializing in Microsoft ® and proprietary software training, web and database development, internet and intranet applications, and documentation for businesses and non-profit organizations of all sizes.

Since 1987 our principals have offered consulting services to a wide variety of businesses and it is our goal to help organizations develop solutions tailored to fit their specific needs. We can help you streamline, consolidate, coordinate and improve your efficiency.


Microsoft Office® and Proprietary Software Training
Office Automation through Microsoft® Software Interfacing

Datsmarts works to apply software and training solutions to the individuals in an organization. Implementing IT solutions does not mean your business process has to change. Our training programs always consider elements such as business rules, interdepartmental communications and roll-out planning.


Database and Application Development
Database and Web Media Integration
Web Design and Development

We approach development by working to understand your business model. Out of the box solutions to do not meet the needs of all organizations. Our developers work in Microsoft® Access, SQL, Visual Basic, and more.

Consulting Services

Customized Forms and Report Generation
Software and Process Documentation

Ready access to information in a usable format is critical in any software implementation. Our documentation services range from detailed manuals to quick note flip charts. Our experience in report generation will assist you in making the decisions necessary to support your systems now and as your business evolves.

Take a look at some of our projects, websites, database development and documentation and training experience, then please don't hesitate to give us a call.
We make providing specialized views of your data, our business.

We offer special pricing for non-profits.


SQL Server database, Microsoft training, web development, applications

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